Hi, I’m gonna go ahead and skip all the formalities and tell you a bit about myself, not pretending that I’m not writing this myself. I was born as Daphne Khoo and family and some friends still call me that but I go by Haneri when it comes to my music. You can call me either or… or anything I’ll probably respond.

I was born in Perth, Western Australia. Moved at 8 to Singapore and that’s really where my music was born. I joined Singapore Idol much to my parents’ disapproval, waited in the rain for about 5 hours then waited some more before I auditioned for my breakthrough TV appearance on the pioneer season of Singapore Idol. I was 16 and scared as hell but that 8 month stint got me on stages and meeting people I’d never even dreamed about before. I was a pretty big deal.

I played on a bunch of platforms, the radio, the TV, the internet, music festivals. It was pretty cool. Sometimes I performed solo but then I was also part of an indie-rock band West Grand Boulevard (WGB) and we performed at indie music festival Baybeats and a few other venues and even got nominated for Best Breakout Band at Power 98’s Singapore Music Awards in 2006.

Released my first full length album ‘Desperate’ (I know how it sounds I named it) in 2007 and won Best Breakout Solo Artist at Power 98’s Singapore Music Awards.